August birchbox unboxing (and first youtube video!)

So, for my august birchbox I decided to do something different… Seeing as I missed the july one and honestly don’t know when I’ll get around to post about that one, I decided to go ahead and start with the august box and unbox it in a video (which I really enjoyed making) as my official youtube cherry-popping video!

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Hair-experiment: the undercut

As the title suggest, I couldn’t help myself. After scanning Pinterest for some hairspiration, I was completely mesmerised by the undercut. But since my boyfriend had just recovered from the grey hair-shock (sorry babes!), I thought I’d better wait a couple of months. Of course, I didn’t. Some weeks had passed when a friend of ours showed up with exactly my wished hairdo! I loved it and almost instantly got the approval from my boyfriend because he liked the cut as well, seeing it in real life. Only two days later, this happened Continue reading

my life lately

My life lately (personal update)

Some of you might be wondering where the hell I went the past weeks. Well, suffice it to say my life has been one big rollercoaster and yes, sometimes even a classroom example of what goes around comes around, topped off with some ‘it all works out in the end’. These past two months I have been through some of the worst and best states of my life and this has made me see everything in perspective. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’ll start at the beginning! Continue reading


Going grey…!

Every single social media platform is simply filled with this one trend that immediately caught my eye.. It’s so special, so edgy and yet so soft to the face. To top it off, I had never seen this done before, and in today’s day and age, that really is something! so naturally, being the pushover that I am, I had to partake.

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evapor e-cigarette

I’m smoke-free! (e-cigarette review)

I’m not proud of it, but I’m a smoker. It’s still quite the controversial subject and I’m the first one to admit everybody has a point about it. Therefore, I decided to quit and I’m proud to (tentatively) say that I have been smoke free for a week now, all thanks to my new e-cigarette. It truly is a blessing, so if you’re thinking about kicking the habit, keep on reading! Continue reading

May birchbox


Finally, my first birchbox arrived! I simply had to share in this trend because I love the idea of getting to try out new products every month for a low price. When I heard that birchbox started to ship to Belgium, how could I not loan my boyfriend’s visa? prepare yourselves for a monthly post about birchbox, starting NOW! Continue reading

Primark haul Belgium

Primark haul, part one

The other day I decided that a trip to Primark would be the perfect way to release some of the study-tension. Little did I know that the trip there would be so horrific! I went with my mom and I was driving. Neither of us thought about the fact that my phone was at 20% and let’s just say the two of us combined wouldn’t be able to find a mountain if it was directed by huge flashing arrows, let alone a primark in the centre of Brussels. Two hours later we were succesfull (ouf!) only to find out that the waiting line was BAFFLING. So we decided to throw in the towel and head to Primark in Luik. Can primark Hasselt open, already?? All the difficulties aside the shop is always interesting to visit, so keep reading to find out what I bought! Continue reading